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A day in the life of my thoughts…

Tuesday. July 13. 2013… √

I don’t want it. I don’t want to guess. I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to stay. I’m grey, you’re every other color. Ya I’m nice, funny and stuff. What does that do for me. I’ll always guess with society. Circumstances will change, we’ll end up settling for circumstances we don’t want but get used to.”hard workers” are assholes. Assholes don’t work. Why is everything everything. My heart is too big. It’ll be the death of me eventually. I feel too much, if heartbreaks happen I won’t last much longer. If happiness happens, it’ll get boring over time and I’ll want more. I’m already taken for granted by many. I take for granted very little. Or do I? Why is this the way it is. What am I. Why am I here. Life is a cycle. Humans repopulate. Civilizations are needed. But each one fight for nothing. Peace will never come. Change is inevitable. This is my thought process. Everything is nothing all at once. Why is it changing. Why do things stop? I can’t handle it. Curve balls will be thrown in life. From me. Toward me. My heart is too big to withstand them for too much longer. Why? Life cycles. We’re programmed to believing so many things. Why. Why not live our lives our own way. No currencies no stress. But then the challenge junkies would never be happy I guess. It will never stop. Everything is temporary, but how many temporary situations can one take. I may sound selfish sounding by complaining about life. But it is a proportion compared to homeless and the hungry and the worried. The proportion balances out eventually. If we switched lives, depression proportions would balance. Life doesn’t though. For not one person. Fame for some. None for some. Who cares anymore. Why. Why should we care? If we did what would we pursue? Why would we pursue it. Too many mind boggling words and questions. Too many thoughts. Too many answers. Confusion comes along with it all. It seems abstract to the human mind. Who’s not to say we are all abstract and but thoughts?

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